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With unmatched experience and the most reliable network in the industry, Allied Special Products delivers specialized shipping services and support that goes beyond ordinary moving.

Whether it’s advanced medical equipment or the Statue of Liberty’s torch, if it can be moved, Allied has probably moved it.

Through our experience delivering over 40,000 special products shipments every year, Allied has developed specialized shipping services and capabilities to meet the needs of clients in a broad range of industries.

We’re far more than a specialty transport service—we’re a strategic partner. From special handling techniques to facilitating proper assembly and set-up, we work closely with our clients to customize shipping solutions that meet their unique needs. And our Express 1 Network offers the most consistent and reliable shipping service in the industry for LTL special products shipments.

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Exhibition and Trade Show Shipping

From satellite communications to state-of-the-art air-ride trailers to expert show Site Managers, Allied’s trade show services really steal the show.

Fine Art Transportation

Allied Special Products is a leader in transporting priceless paintings, sculptures, artifacts and museum exhibits safely and securely.

High-Value Product Shipping

With customised shipping services for Office Equipment, Fitness Equipment, and many more, we cover all your specialty transportation needs.

Copier Shipping

Moving copiers and other high-value products that require careful handling is a specialization that Allied has refined and mastered over the years.

Medical Equipment Shipping

Allied’s Special Products Division has been providing specialized moving and logistics services for medical equipment, scientific instruments and other sensitive, high-value commodities for over thirty-five years.

Large Collectibles Transportation

We provide safe, secure transportation services for the purchase or sale of any large collectible items such as arcade games, jukeboxes, etc. that you may purchase on online or elsewhere.

Custom Transportation Solutions

Have an unusual or exceptionally hard-to-move item, or need a more comprehensive logistics solution? We can design a program to meet your needs.

Motorcycle Shipping

Whether you’re transporting your own bike or a large commercial shipment, our exclusive SecureRide® skid system was designed specifically for motorcycle shipping, to ensure maximum stability and safety for every bike during the journey.


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