Will the Movers Clean Up After They’re Done?

Moving is messy, and the last thing you want is to deal with extra mess. Our crews do their best to keep things tidy. Your moving crew will clean up after themselves. What does that mean, exactly, though?

When you move out, the movers should pick up any materials that they’ve used, like extra plastic wrap, empty tape rolls, and the like. Unless you’ve contracted for move out cleaning services, you will need to sweep floors, mop, and dispose of trash. If cleaning services are a part of your contract, a third-party crew will come to clean after the moving crew.

When you move in, the moving crew should remove and dispose of plastic wrap, tape and other wrappings that they have applied to your furniture. Unless you’ve contracted for unpacking services, you are responsible for disposing of boxes and packing materials. If you’ve paid for unpacking services, your unpacking crew will dispose of the boxes and packing materials. In order to minimize mess and damage, the crew may put down plastic or cardboard in order to minimize damage to floors; they will pick this up as well. 

If you have specific concerns or requests on your moving day, bring them up to the crew. They will do their best to make your post-move clean up easy. 


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