Why was My Final Moving Cost Different from the Estimate?

You’re all packed up and ready to hit the road. Your old home has been sold and your new home is awaiting your arrival. The moving company has everything on the truck and is ready to take you to the next big adventure in your life. 

But when you arrive, your movers provide you with a bill that is higher than the estimate you received when you were shopping around for moving companies. The contracts were already signed and the deal made, so what changed while you were on the road?

Guaranteed Price Quotes

When you first start the moving process, be sure to get multiple free, in-home, quotes from reputable moving companies that will guarantee their quotes. Have each company walk you through the price quote agreement that should stipulate when a final price may change and why. 

Also, if one of your quotes is significantly different than the other moving company’s, ask why. This is often a red flag that they under-estimated your belongings and may lead to changing in costs at the end of your move. 

Why Moving Prices Change 

At Allied, we always do our best to provide accurate in-home estimates and that is why we stand behind our estimates with guaranteed price quotes as long nothing is added or changed from the first quote. 

Your destination, the size of your home, the level of coverage you want—all of these things are taken into consideration as we crunch the numbers and generate an estimate of your overall costs. Ask Allied has previously discussed how moving companies calculate costs, if you need more information. 

However, in the weeks or months between your estimate and the actual move, things might change. Here are examples of things that are not covered by a guaranteed quote and will often change your final cost. 

  • Change of Destination: The biggest change in price will occur if you alter your final destination at any point after the estimate is made. All quotes depend on the amount of mileage we cover. Even if you change the destination to/from one side of a city to another, it could impact your total charges. 
  • Change of Contents: Your estimate is made based on the size and contents of your home. The more stuff you have to transport, the more expensive it will be (that’s because we have to choose the right sized truck, cover manual labor, and figure in gas prices). If you make a change to what is being moved—you may be charged more. 
  • Time of Year: When you move is just as important as what you move. Summer and late spring are very busy for moving companies, and fitting in to our peak time isn’t always guaranteed. If you change your delivery date, you may find extra charges added to your final bill. 
  • Extra Protection Coverage: All of our clients receive basic protection that covers against loss or damages up to a certain amount of money per pound. However, you may decide that you’d like extra coverage for all (or part) of your belongings. If this is the case, we will adjust your total accordingly. 

Most of these additional costs can be avoided by planning ahead and talking with your moving specialist before your move so you fully understand what goes into your estimate and move cost. And no matter what happens to change the situation, one thing you can always count on at Allied—the safe arrival of your belongings is always our top priority!


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