Why are People Moving? – Top Reasons

Ever wonder why there are so many people moving?

Given the amount of work and stress a move entails, it’s reasonable to wonder why people move. It’s easy to guess that people move for jobs or better housing, but that is not the only reason.

The majority of those moves are international. When we talk about long distance moves, there are two main reasons people move, and two secondary reasons.


One of the first main reasons for people moving is either to be closer to family or put a distance between them. Family support is a great motivator for moving closer to family. Whether that’s grandparents moving to be closer to young grandchildren or adult children moving to provide support to aging parents. When families need each other, they’ll relocate to do so.


Young graduates move to larger cities to start their careers, and most professionals move for career advancement. It’s not surprising that people are moving to areas with booming job markets,  while others with sluggish job markets lose population. And it’s not just “jobs” – it’s the type of jobs, with IT, healthcare, financial services, and bio sciences drawing large numbers of people to specialized employers.

Climate and Environment

Obviously people move to destinations they’d like to live in and bad weather is not the only factor. If you can get the right job and a location to close proximity to mountains and/ or beaches wouldn’t you consider taking up to offer?

For a New Start

Some people see a move as a new start, full of opportunity and new adventures. These are frequently young adults who have not settled down yet and who pick up stakes and move. In addition, there are the elderly who are looking for more quite life or a life they have always wanted.

Whatever the reason for moving, and no matter where you move to we at Allied are here to help you to get your move off on the right foot.


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