What if I Can’t be there to Accept Delivery

We understand that moving is chaotic, and it’s hard to know exactly when to take off from work to meet your moving truck. But Allied drivers are unable to deliver your belongings if no one is there. First of all, someone has to let the movers into the house, and provide directions on where things go. And legally, someone needs to sign off on the delivery and provide payment.

If you can’t be there, you can either reschedule the delivery, or you can appoint a designee to act in your stead. This person is acting on your behalf, so it should be someone who you trust and who is familiar enough with your belongings to know if items are missing or damaged. Be sure to provide them with keys to your home, garage and any sheds that crews will be moving items into. Your designee must be able to tell the crew where furniture and boxes need to go, inform them of items, like beds, that need to be put back together, and answer any questions. To help, you should take the time to create furniture floorplans, label rooms, and provide your designee with any special instructions to relay.

In order to be sure everything goes smoothly, you should be sure the person acting on your behalf has your paperwork. That includes your bill of lading, with inventory, as well as your list of boxes and other items. Have them check off delivered items before signing any documents. Signing of on your shipment without checking for damage or missing items may limit your ability to file a claim. They will also need to pay for your shipment; your best bet is to provide them with a check or a credit card.

The person you choose as a designee should be a legal adult, with the capacity to sign for you. As you choose a designee, remember that this is something you want done well, so pick a person you trust and know will do a good job. Most people chose parents, siblings, or close friends or a roommate. 

If you’re new in town and don’t know anyone, can either work with your moving coordinator to reschedule the delivery, or to reschedule your conflict. If it’s a work-related conflict, know that employers generally want their employees settled and productive, so your boss may be more sympathetic and accommodating than you fear. If you choose to reschedule your delivery, please be aware that rescheduling a delivery during peak moving season may cause a delay.


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