What Happens if My Belongings Stay in Storage Longer than I Contracted for?

We at Allied offer storage- in-transit as part of your move and is limited at 90-days. If, due to moving delays or other issues, you cannot move all of your belongings, don’t worry. On day 91, your effects will not be auctioned off or put out. What will happen is that you will be contacted by your account manager to discuss how to proceed. One way is to convert your contract to a long-term storage or to have your effects delivered to another location.

Converting your contract to a long-term storage will involve additional charges, including handling charges. To free up space for other goods that are in transit, your belongings might be moved within the warehouse.

If you are sure that your goods will be in storage for close to 90 days it is best to keep track. If you know you won’t be able to get your belongings moved, reach out to your account manager. You can discuss charges, and provide them with an updated timeline for when you’ll be able to move, which will allow the account manager to plan accordingly.


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