What Do I Need to Do To Prepare My Grill for Moving?

Grills can be messy. Learn how to clean and prep your gas or charcoal grill before you move.

For many people, a grill is a treasured appliance, one that’s seen them through many backyard parties and family gatherings. If this is how you feel about your grill, here are the things you should do in advance of moving it.

First, inspect it. Grills that sit outside, uncovered and open to the elements, do not last forever. Look for signs of wear and large amounts of rust that could contribute to damage during the move. If the grill is wobbly, is missing supports or parts, or has rusted through anywhere, you may want to replace it. Moving it in poor condition can cause irreparable damage, and poor condition may negate any claim. 

But if your grill is in good shape, you’ll want to clean it thoroughly. This will help protect other items in the truck your grill may come into contact with, as well as help prevent your sofa and beds from smelling like smoke and barbecue sauce. Clean the grates and remove grease from the inside and outside. Hose it down and let it dry. If it’s a grill that burns charcoal, pellets or wood, you should clean out all the ashes and coals; for gas grills, you’ll need to disconnect the cylinder and transport that yourself, as the propane tank cannot be packed on the truck. 

Fold and secure any drop-down parts and close the lid. Remove and pack attachments like shelves, rotisseries, side burners and anything else that was an add-on. Also pack accessories like brushes, tongs and spatulas, and other lose items that you may have hanging on the grill. If your grill has a cover, you can leave it on, just be sure it’s clean of all debris. 

You should stop using your grill 48 hours before the movers arrive, so that you have time to clean and prepare it for the move. Above all else, do not try to move a grill that is hot, as this is a safety hazard for people, and could damage items it comes into contact with. 


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