What Causes Delivery Delays?

We know it’s frustrating when you get to your new home and are told there’ll be a delay. We always do our best to honor your moving schedule, but sometimes, there are situations outside our control that may impact your delivery date. Here are some of the common reasons shipments are delayed.

Weather conditions. Our goal is to get your belongings to their new home safely. If the weather conditions turn dangerous, the driver may need to wait them out or reroute around them. Conditions that the driver may choose to wait out include dense fog, severe storms, especially ice storms and  blizzards, and tornado advisories. Heavy rains can cause flash or prolonged flooding, leading to road closures and rerouting, which add to the travel time.

Road and traffic conditions: We’ve all experienced construction delays, where busy interstates are reduced to a single lane in each direction at low speeds. During the spring through late fall construction season, a long distance moving truck may hit several of these bottlenecks, falling behind with each one. And while multi car pileups that close highways are most common in bad weather, accidents that cause traffic delays can occur at any time.

Time of year: The busy summer moving season means our drivers, trucks and moving teams are working at capacity, and can sometimes fall behind schedule. In rare instances, delays on one move can impact the next move. Moving well before the peak (June through early August) is best if you are on a tight timeline.

Your location: If our driver has a hard time getting to you, we may need to utilize smaller transfer trucks. This is most often the case when customers live on gravel, rural roads that a large moving van would have difficulty navigating. It might also happen if you live in an urban area with nowhere to park a large truck. The extra time to unload and reload your belongings could add an extra day to your delivery time.

Changes to your move: Last minute changes could impact our plans, equipment and schedules. If you change destinations (it happens!), end up with a significantly larger load, or aren’t ready for the movers, we may need to revise the travel and delivery window.

All of the above reasons are reasons why we give a delivery window, not a delivery date. While they can be a hassle, if you build some flexibility into your schedule, you’ll be able to weather them better. And remember that they are a temporary inconvenience: Your belongings will arrive, allowing you to settle into your home and unpack.


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