What are the Best Packing Materials for Dishes and Glassware?

Ask all homeowners which room is the most difficult to pack for a move, and most of them will answer the same way: the kitchen. Because of the varying sizes of items like cups, plates, glasses, and more (and because these things tend to be highly breakable), it’s important to pack them carefully, item by item. 

Fortunately, moving a kitchen has gotten easier in recent years thanks to specialty boxes. If at all possible, purchase glass divider moving kits for your glassware. These inserts provide individual walled spaces for every mug, cup, and glass you own so they don’t jostle against one another in transit. Plate dividers and dish barrels also exist for your dishes. These heavy-duty, double-walled boxes, when combined with foam inserts that provide a filler for any remaining empty space, are the safest way to transport your breakables.

Place extra packing tape along the seams of these boxes and be sure to label them carefully. Breakables should never be stacked on the bottom of a box tower, and they shouldn’t’t all be grouped together in the truck. 

Although these specialty boxes are affordable, they tend to cost more than regular boxes, which means you might prefer to do your packing a different way. If that’s the case, you should consider the following.

>     Packing Paper: This heavy-duty butcher-style paper is ideal for wrapping individual plates and glasses because it has no printing on it. Unlike newspaper, the words won’t transfer to your belongings. 

>     Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap can be very supportive, provided you wrap it around each item you want to protect and secure it with tape. Because this material tends to be costly, however, it might be more cost-effective to buy the specialty boxes.

>     Newspaper: You can use newspaper to wrap dishes and breakables, but be sure to wash each item as they’re unwrapped, as the newsprint can transfer to the materials and leave a long-lasting mark.

>     Hand Towels: Your kitchen likely has hand towels that need to be moved, so why not use them to protect your plates and glasses?
Remember, too, that you don’t have to do the hard work of packing if you don’t want to. Our full-service moving options means that we’ll arrive with all the necessary boxes, paper, and tape in tow—and we’ll secure your kitchen valuables for you.


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