Three Things People Forget During A Move

When you have to move your entire life and transporting it to a new country, there are many chances to leave behind or neglect to do important things. This can often be manageable, but can create extra work and delays. To help you plan for your next move, we at Allied have put together this short guide highlighting three things people forget during a move.

Label your boxes

The foremost and one of the three things people forget is labeling the boxes more sufficiently. Apart from scribbling ‘BATHROOM’ on the flaps, you want to be able to tell right away which room any box is going to when looking at it from any side. One of the simplest way to do this is to color-code the boxes or to invest in colored tape so even if you can only see a corner of a box, you know where it has to go. This can also help the movers pack your effects more efficiently, keeping all the related items together.

Collect your records

One of the many things that many people forget to do is to gather all their personal and medical records before moving. This is something that can really affect your settling-in process in the new country, as you’ll have to either wait weeks to have the records from overseas due to shipping and customs processes. Start collecting all family health records, bank / credit history and school records from all the required institutions, about eight weeks before departure. Keep these records safe until you settle-in, then ensure they are delivered as quickly as possible. While some administrations might not require any of the documents, but it is best if you are prepared instead of trying to find a way to obtain them from overseas.

Keep your essentials together

On your first night in your new home, you’re highly unlikely to have the time and energy to unpack a large portion of the boxes. Instead of rummaging around for everything as you go along, ensure that all essential items have their own box for moving day. You might also what to have the items separated from the rest so that they don’t get packed by mistake with the rest of your effects. Some examples are, pyjamas, blankets, a kettle, crockery, set of clothes, dog bed  really anything that you would need on a daily basis.


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