Relocating employees overseas: meeting the challenges

Relocating employees overseas can be a great opportunity both for them and your business. Assignees get to experience a new start, while your company stands to gain an old- new asset with a lot of company knowledge.

As an employer, there are several things you can do to help your assignees prepare for once they arrive:

Encourage pre-visits

No matter if the relocation is a short or a long term, encourage your assignees to visit their new country before the actual move. This will  reduce the culture shock that them may experience if the assignee is not familiar with the new location.

Make sure they’re ready

Permanent travel plans should only be made once everything has been sorted out. This may include visa for the assignee and the family, necessary documents need to be translated, etc.  As well as supporting assignees with the practicalities of moving, their colleagues need to be briefed on the change and how this will affect them.

Ensure there are no surprises

Unfamiliarity with the local legal processes and requirements can be a major source of frustration for both the employer and assignee. There may be rules regarding registering them, obtaining an ID card, etc, that are only more confusing if a language barrier gets in the way. You have to make sure the assignee is fully briefed before arriving at the new destination.

Should you require any further help our professional relocation specialists are available to answer your questions and help your employees make the transition swift as possible.


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