My Moving Truck is Loaded…What Happens Next?

Most of your concerns regarding moving day will deal with the process of loading the truck. All those boxes to fill, all the furniture to load, an empty house to walk through one more time… But what about the process that follows?

Once your moving truck is loaded, our team will still be working hard. Here’s how.

  1. Sign the Bill of Lading: The Bill of Lading is the contract between your family and our moving company. It includes information on delivery times, the moving van’s credentials, payment information, and, most importantly, your inventory list. As soon as the truck is loaded, you’ll be asked to review this paperwork and sign it. This is the agreement that everything has been put on the truck and is good to go.
  2. Weigh the Truck: As you lock up the house and prepare to set out on your own journey, we’ll head straight for the nearest weigh station. We already weighed the empty truck on our way to your house, so this is our way of determining the exact weight of your goods.
  3. Driver Check-In: Our drivers and moving specialists check in with us regularly so that we can keep track of the progress of your goods (this is also done through GPS tracking). You should be able to visit us online and get updates on estimated delivery times as soon as this happens.
  4. Sometimes, especially during peak moving season, your belongings are transferred to a warehouse for a few days to wait on a truck or driver going to your destination. 
  5. Travel Begins: Depending on how far we have to go, the travel plans could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. This means our drivers often do things like stop for breaks and meals, secure the truck for overnight stops, and take other safety measures that ensure both the driver and your belongings stay safe. 
  6. We Arrive: Sometimes, we go straight to your new house with your goods. Other times, we might take the truck to a temporary storage facility to house your items for a period of time (this depends on what sort of travel plans you had). We may even end up at an international port for shipping overseas. Whatever your plan, we’ll show up within the specified window with a fresh team to begin the unloading process. 
  7. Your Belongings are Unloaded: Once again, you’ll be asked to sign an inventory sheet. This time, it’s to confirm that all of your goods have arrived unbroken and intact. That’s why you should be present at the unloading process and pay close attention to your goods. If anything is missing or broken, now is the time to make a notation of it and start the claims process.
  8. The Unpacking Begins: If you opted for us to unpack your home, this is where we’ll bring boxes in and start putting things away according to your directions. If you’ll be doing the work yourself, we’ll unload boxes and furniture by room, placing items as they are labeled.

We’ll continue to be available should you have any questions or follow-up concerns.


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