Express Train

All aboard! The Allied Express Train is ready to go. There’s an important job for everyone- conductors, engineers, and firemen.

Add a smoke stack and a bell to ring as you’re speeding down the tracks. Other cars for your train – coal cars, boxcars and passenger cars – can be made from other empty cartons.


Cartons Needed: 1 dish pack, 1 wardrobe, 1 wardrobe top
Step 1: The engine body is made from the wardrobe carton. The cab of the engine (dish pack carton) will fit over the shaded area after it’s cut outStep 2: From the dish pack carton, cut out the windows, as shaded. Also, cut out the back for the entrance.
Step 3: From the top of a wardrobe carton, cut away the shaded areas to form the cow catcher.Note: The smoke stack can be made from an empty 5 gallon ice cream container. Ask the man at your local ice cream shop. He’ll be glad to help a new customer.


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