Moving Mistakes to Avoid: Not Being Ready for the Movers

There are a lot of mistakes people make when moving, but one of the most stressful is. It can delay your move, or cause it to be rescheduled entirely. And being ready for the movers is a lot more than just having everything packed, although that’s a large component of it. Here are some guidelines to help you be ready when the movers arrive.

Have everything packed and ready to be loaded. You want the movers to come in and get to work immediately. If possible, have items that you’re moving already packed in cars, or clearly labeled “do not load” and out of the movers’ way. Make sure that there are clear walkways both inside outside of the house. If you’re moving in the winter, clear of snow and ice from sidewalks and put down ice melt. Have pets confined or at a pet sitter.

Understand your contract. Know what the movers are responsible for, as well as what is and isn’t covered by your contract or your inventory sheet. Your crew will try to be accommodating, but asking them to load significantly more than is on your inventory may result in delays, especially if there isn’t enough room on the truck. If you’ve contracted for a service and the movers aren’t providing it, you should know and speak up.

Know who’s responsible for what. Just because the movers have arrived, that doesn’t mean moving day is over. Assigning one person to deal with the moving crew can free up another person do last minute tasks, make arrangements for your long distance trip, or watch small children. Plan this in advance and your day will be easier.

Be available. Moving is a crazy, busy time, but someone needs to be at the house while the movers are working. If you leave before everything is loaded, you won’t be able to do a final walk through and make sure everything that should be moved is on the truck. And you won’t be around to answer questions, sign paperwork and, if necessary, provide details about the destination that your driver may need.

Be ready to take delivery. Make sure your travel plans get you to your destination in time for your delivery window, and that you don’t schedule a trip out of town too close to the end of your delivery window. If you’ve been staying in a hotel awaiting delivery, or are moving into an apartment, make sure you have access to your new home the day before the movers are scheduled to arrive. It’s also a good idea to be sure that your keys work, as you don’t want the movers standing around waiting while you call a locksmith.

Have a plan for delivery day. Moving in goes more smoothly when you and the movers know where items belong. The day before the move, tape signs identifying bedrooms and other areas on doors, and create floorplans for where you’d like furniture. Decide who in your family will be the person to direct furniture to the right room, and explain how you’d like the rooms arranged.

Be ready to pay for your move. Whether you pay with cash, a check or credit card, be prepared to pay. If you did not have a binding estimate, your total may be higher or lower than the estimate, so be ready for any overage.

With these seven guidelines, you will be more than ready for your moving day, and your moving day will go smoothly. You’ll save time, be less stressed, and have fewer disasters than if you weren’t prepared.


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