Moving Abroad Checklist

You have decided to move abroad, however the process is both exciting and nerve-racking. There are many things that need top get done before you move. So how do you organize everything and what are some of the more important aspects that might get overlooked? We, at Allied have prepared a short moving abroad checklist to help you.

Arranging A Visa

If you haven’t already organized your visa, it is advisable to do it immediately. The application process varies from country to country and can take anywhere from a week to months. Allow for potential setbacks and delays in your schedule and ensure your visa arrives before you leave.

Change of address

It’s advisable to get in touch with all of the organizations and service providers whose services you use to inform them of your change of address. Some examples may include insurance company, banks, and last but not least the government institutions.

Driver License

If you’re planning on buying or leasing a car at your new destination, then you should consider an international driver’s license if local laws allow it. Some countries, however, will make you take a test in order to convert your current license.

Visit Your Doctor Before You Go

Make sure you’re in good health before you go and most importantly check that your vaccinations are up to date. Many countries will require this. If you’re have to to see a local doctor before you are eligible for public healthcare, then the costs my surprise you. They can be rather expensive depending on the country.

Getting Travel Insurance

You may be required to purchase travel insurance depending on whether you’re staying for a temporary work visa or permanent residence. This is to ensure don’t become a liability for the country’s government you wish to move to. You should checked when applying for your visa at the foreign embassy/consulate.

Hire an International Moving Service

Instead of trying store everything until you get back or trying to do it all by yourself, Allied can move all of your belongings effortlessly and within a time-frame. This way, all of your cherished items will shipped to you.


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