Kitchen Packing Hacks

Learn the hacks on how to best prepare your kitchen for packing when preparing to move.

Of all the rooms to pack in a home, the most difficult and time-consuming is the kitchen. With a lot of breakables and so many odd-shaped items to box up, this area tends to require lots of specialty packing supplies to get the job done.

These kitchen packing hacks could save you both time and money—and ensure that your breakables arrive in your new home in tip-top condition.

Below are few of those hacks:
  • Use plastic wrap to pack an entire utensil tray or organizer to hold everything in place. There might be some rattling as the cutlery knocks against itself, but the tight wrap will ensure that nothing falls out of its slot.
  • Acquire disposable plates in order to act as protectors. One of the fastest way to pack and protect plates is to place a bubble warp, plastic, or disposable plates between them. These stack together easily and also ensure that the plates don’t clatter against one another. (For an extra bonus, pack them in boxes vertically like records, as they’ll be more stable.)
  • You have to pack up all your kitchen linens —why not put them to good use? Use dishtowels, cloth napkins, and tablecloths as fillers. Instead of crumpling newspaper or buying other fillers to protect your breakables, wrap your existing linens around the items.
  • To avoid the tangle of trying to fit pots and lids together by wrapping a rubber band around the sets. This will help you keep track of all your belongings and make sure that nothing is rattling around.
  • Pack each drawer as a unit. By keeping in mind the one cupboard = one box rule, you can pack and unpack twice as fast.
  • Brown bags aren’t just great for lunches—they can also be used to individually wrap cups and glasses. That way they are secure and all in one piece.
  • Recycle your beer and wine six- and twelve-pack containers, they come with built-in separators. Save these and use them to transport bottles, glass tumblers, vases. , etc.


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