Is Your Attic Safe to Store Items?

We all do it. If something is in the way or only comes out once a year, we end up shoving it in the attic until it is needed. When you are a child, the attic is a scary place where you envision monsters and the boogie man make their home. But as an adult it is your final solution to rid your home of clutter and holiday yard decorations.

When storing your grandfather’s vinyl records or those old photo albums, should you be putting them in the attic? The following factors will help us come to a conclusion: 

Is It Insulated?

An important aspect to consider is whether your attic is insulated properly or not. Poor insulation could mean that the weather will have a major effect on items that are stored. There are many items that need specific temperatures to remain in pristine condition. Without proper insulation warm, cool or damp air could cause irreparable damage.

Is It Safe to Go Up There?

Many attics do not have proper flooring for someone to walk upon or even store heavier items. You can lay boards down, but one misstep could have you in the hospital getting a cast on your ankle. You can add flooring to your attic which will make storing items much easier and safer. Not to mention you will be able to walk without falling through the ceiling.

Is there Enough Space?

Cramming items in your attic is not the ideal situation. Not only could it cause damage to any particular item, but trying to get them out when needed, will be a major pain. If there is limited space in your attic, a different storage solution might be your best option. 

Can You Add Extra Space?

The more we live in a home the more items that we accumulate. Most are not necessarily needed, but we have them none the less. With each addition more storage space is most likely needed. There could be a serious issue if you can’t add extra shelving or storage solutions in your attic.

Your attic can be a safe place to store any number of items, if it meets these guidelines. If not, there are many storage options that will keep your items safe as long as you have them.


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