Security Notices on Shipping to Croatia

Allied, The Careful Movers is always working to keep you updated on any travel and transport security notices you may need to be aware of while moving. This advanced preparation will keep you advised of any changes that may affect your travel and international moving plans.

Updates to International Moving Notices

The following provides helpful current information about travel and transport security notices for anyone who is planning to relocate overseas. We recommend that you review this information carefully  for your country of final destination as well as for any country that you will be passing through.

International Moving Notices: Transportation

Air Freight:

Please be aware that PBO (packed by owner) cartons/items are strictly prohibited in air shipments. To ensure safety, all items must be packed by our trained moving crews as mandated by government and airline security standards.

Customs and Borders:

While travel throughout most of the world is considered safe, we recommend that you check with the State Department at for current travel advisories. If you are moving to Croatia, contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate. If you are moving from Croatia to another country, please contact the embassy of the country you are moving to. In addition to travel advisories, embassies and consulates will also have information on what you should do in an emergency.

Because of heightened security measures, travelers should allow additional time for check-in when flying. Check with your carrier or travel agent for additional information regarding air travel safety and security and health related check-in requirements, baggage restrictions, etc.

Travel Security Notices for International Moving

Our helpful information regarding travel security notices equips you well for your next adventure overseas. It’s important to stay updated regarding changes in policy, customs requirements and security measures when traveling internationally. The links we provide will keep you in touch with the latest changes and travel security notices for your upcoming move overseas.


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