Packing and Loading

You are now ready to be packed. Our professional moving crews will do everything they can to make sure your international moving is a complete success. Here are some tips for the packing and loading process.

What can you do to prepare?

To help your Allied, The Careful Movers moving crew and make the packing and loading process as efficient as possible for you, it is important to make sure that all your items are sorted, if you are not taking everything in the home. Make sure that any items that may be going to store or are staying in the house are clearly marked to avoid any mistakes.

Remember to pack and set aside any personal items that will be traveling with you. This should include and money or jewelry that is not covered by our transit protection policy. Also, it is a good idea to carefully set aside your passport and important paperwork so that it doesn’t get packed in the move.

Your Move Team

International moving requires experienced, highly trained international packers to ensure that packing and loading takes place correctly. Using skill, care and attention, our packers have been trained to use specific international packing materials that will protect your possessions during each phase of the move.

The first person you will meet will be the crew supervisor. He or she will review the details of the move with you and clarify your expectations or needs for the move, along with any special instructions you may have. If anything has changed since the time of your original estimate, please advise the crew supervisor so appropriate arrangements can be made. The supervisor will walk around your home and plan the packing process in the most efficient way.

What NOT to Pack on Moving Day

Protecting Your Home

Allied, The Careful Movers takes great care to make sure that your home is protected during the international moving process. We will be careful to protect your carpets and floors, banisters, doors, and other vulnerable areas to prevent damage.

Protecting your Possessions

Each member of your international moving team will have undergone comprehensive training in professional packing techniques to make sure that your furniture and personal effects are protected for international transport.

Each item of furniture will be individually wrapped in our special six-layer padded paper wrap and smaller items packed in the appropriate boxes. Crates and cases are built specifically for items that require special protection during an international move.

You can rest assured that you’ll get the highest quality materials and packers to protect your prized belongings during the long journey ahead.

IMPORTANT – Your Inventory

Remember to check that everything that you want to include in the shipment has been packed. We will create an inventory during the packing process. The inventory will contain brief details of the contents of each carton as well as the wrapped furniture. You will be asked to sign the inventory form after the packing has been completed.

A copy of the inventory will be forwarded to our office at your destination to arrange customs clearance and delivery. Remember to keep a copy of this important document!

Shipment Details

After packing and loading is completed for international moving, you will be sent shipping details that confirm the vessel or flight details, the estimated time of arrival at port or airport and the name of the Allied, The Careful Movers contact at your destination who will clear your items through customs and arrange delivery.


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