Crowdsourcing Your Move

In this day and age, just about any activity can be crowdfunded or crowdsourced.Drawing back to a time when neighbors, communities, and families pitched in to help one another (mostly because the necessary services didn’t exist yet), crowdsourcing is all about reducing the burden on one person by sharing the work across many. Moving is just one of many modern tasks that can be made easier—and less expensive—this way.

In fact, if you’re moving to a new house across town, crowdsourcing makes sense from multiple perspectives. Since you’ll be staying within the same general locality, your friends and family members won’t have to travel far to pitch in. You’ll also be on hand yourself when the time comes for you to lend a helping hand in return.

What to Crowdsource?

Because the actual task of moving is physically demanding and requires a huge investment of time and resources, it’s not always ideal to ask friends and family members to help. You have to know people with trucks, dollies, expertise in moving furniture, and strong backs—all of which can be a tall order.

Instead of relying on loved ones to do the heavy lifting, it’s often best to delegate other tasks that crowd your moving day to-do list. For example, they can:

>  Provide childcare for your young ones or plan fun activities to help kids cope with the move

>  Help with the sorting and packing in the days leading up to the move

>  Assist with unpacking once the move is completed

>  Hold a garage sale or assist you as you prepare and plan and your own

>  Connect you with service providers (and maybe even discounts) within their own network

>  Clean up your old home or help prep a new one

>  Paint, perform minor repairs, and otherwise get a home ready for moving in

>  Cook meals or arrange for food to be delivered 

>  Plan ways to help you de-stress and cope with your new situation

Because most of these tasks are fairly small (especially when compared to hoisting furniture and loading trucks), people tend to fall on them with cheer. Your friends and family will be glad to have a task that eases your burden, but also appreciate not being put on the spot to help with the move.

Make the Most of Moving Day

Ideally, you will hire a moving company to help with the actual move and leave the rest up to the goodwill and support of your loved ones. By combining crowdsourcing and traditional moving options this way, you get the best of both worlds—and you’ll be that much closer to being settled in your new home.


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