Quality of Service

The outstanding quality of Allied corporate relocations is the result years of experience in understanding what is important to our customers and their employees. Allied customer satisfaction scores reflect the hard work that each member of our team put into delivering the best quality service for our corporate customers. We take great pride in our work, but the goal is to ensure that the quality service you receive exceeds your expectations.


A Quality Corporate Relocations Company in Croatia who Provides Results

The Allied, The Careful Movers commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just talk. It’s measured in real results. The goal of “providing the highest quality service available anywhere” comes to life through continuous improvement practices. To deliver continuous improvement, an independent third party performs a Quality of Service Audit (QSA) to measure Allied’s customer satisfaction. They conduct a telephone or online survey with Allied customers within 72 hours of their move. Customer responses to the 14-question survey are tabulated daily and posted online for Allied agents. 

These results help Allied and its agents in developing effective recognition, training, and operational improvement. We don’t just talk about quality – we implement and improve it every day.

Quality of Service Audit

Allied’s goal is to achieve an “excellent” rating with customers on every move. In 1995, the goal for an “excellent” rating was set at 4.25 on a 5.0 scale. Due to the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives, the bar was raised in 1998 to 4.35 and again in 2001 to 4.40, today it is an average of 4.52.

Your Corporate Relocations Company in Croatia, Focused on Quality

Allied is not only committed to providing you with the best corporate relocations, outstanding customer service and qualified professionals throughout your move. Our Quality-of-Service Audit is used to measure our success in providing a quality corporate relocations each and every time. When it’s time for your company to relocate one or more employees, Allied is your single source for the “highest quality service available anywhere.”


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