Can I Request A Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Date?

Whether you have to move your belongings locally or long distance, you have to put lot of trust in your moving company.  For this reason, we usually provide you with a window of time in which you can expect your belongings to arrive. However, you may wish for more certainty in your delivery date, and we respect that. That’s why we encourage you to look into our on-time delivery guarantee coverage or the Allied Express shipping process. 

Allied Express Moving Containers 

One of the best ways to get a guaranteed delivery date is to opt for the Allied Express moving option (this typically works best for smaller loads you don’t need to access right away). In this process, your belongings are put into a moving container and closed up for transport. The container is then moved where you need it to go and put into storage until you’re ready to open it up. Ideal when you’ll be living in temporary housing or when you won’t be ready to start unloading and unpacking right away, the Allied Express option comes with a guaranteed unload date. 

On-Time Delivery Guarantee Coverage 

Allied Express typically only works for people with a smaller load to move and those who aren’t going to need their belongings right away (and can instead set a future date for access). Fortunately, if you would prefer to stick to a more traditional move and want a guaranteed delivery, you do have options. 

For most families, this sort of coverage is offered on a case-by-case basis. When our appraiser comes out to your home, indicate that you’ll need a delivery guarantee. We can then assess the size and weight of your move, calculate the mileage and destination, and let you know what the additional charges for that service will be. (Note: This service may not be available for all moves or in all areas, so communicate with your appraiser to make sure your needs are met.) 

If you do end up opting for the guaranteed delivery, the terms of service will be indicated on your contract. 

Additional Delivery Options 

We understand how frustrating it can be to not know where your belongings are in transit, which is why we also offer shipment tracking features. 


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