Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company in the Winter

Because peak season for moving is typically in the summer months of July and August, there are a plethora of benefits associated with choosing to move in the winter instead. If you want to make your moving process a bit easier, moving during the off season may offer greater rewards than you may think. Consider the following benefits of moving during the winter. 

  • Open Availability

During the winter, most people view the weather conditions as undesirable. Therefore, they tend to avoid booking a moving company around this time of year. This often means that movers are more likely to accommodate your preferred moving date. Since moving companies have such an open schedule, you are allowed to schedule your move around your life and not your life around your move.  

  • Cheaper Rates

Business for moving companies during off season is incredibly slow, consequently, in the winter movers are more competitive with their prices in order to attract more business. This allows them the opportunity to offer lower rates for their moving services. Because this is a slow time for them, moving companies will also allow you to negotiate a lower cost for services or request additional services. So, if you want to pay reduced rates for your moving services, then the winter season is a perfect time to move. 

  • Quicker Moving Services 

As previously mentioned, a small amount of people elect to move during the winter months. This means that your movers can focus primarily on you and your needs. During this time, they are not obligated to a number of additional clients. Movers are more likely to arrive at your new location with your belongings at a faster than normal pace. This will allow you the opportunity to unpack and prepare your new home quicker than you would expect. This is a benefit that many customers greatly value. 

  • A Stress Free Move

Moving during the winter can also prove beneficial to your health. Movers are frequently overwhelmed during the summer. Their stress can transfer into difficulties for the customer as well. When movers appear to have a large work load, the needs and wants of the customer are often put on the backburner. This in itself is a stressful situation. However, by choosing to move in the winter, you have access to movers with a light work load. 

While initially moving in the winter does not seem like a viable option due to poor weather and road conditions, it is vital to consider the benefits of moving during the off season. Once you have done this, it may be apparent that the benefits of moving during the winter greatly outweigh the negatives of an off session move. Open availability, cheaper rates, quicker moving services and a stress free move are all great benefits of moving during the winter. Allied strongly believes in offering the best information to our clients so that they can make the best moving choice for their family.


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