5 Ways to Save Money at Home this Winter

Winter is full of extra costs, between the high energy bills to the random holiday parties. Money can come and go in the blink of an eye. Here are just a few ideas to help save some money around the house this winter season.

Keep an Eye on Your Thermostat
It can be tempting to keep the heater on, but the price adds up fairly quickly. Do your best to keep blankets easily accessible throughout the house. Keep bundled up in warm pajamas, layers and put those blankets to good use. Make sure when you leave your home to turn the thermostat all the way off or invest in a smart thermostat that can detect when you and your family are gone. You won’t even be there to enjoy the heat, so why waste the money?

Energy Efficient Lights
With the holiday season officially here, many spend more time indoors. Changing your light bulbs around the house may help keep your electric bill down. Same goes for decorations or holiday lights. So many stores now sell energy saving lights to decorate your entire home. Make it a priority to turn everything off when not in use. Out running errands? Turn off the lights, no need to have your holiday décor lighting up the inside of your home when you aren’t even there.

Install Water-Saving Shower Heads
Water-saving shower heads have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. They can not only help you save on your water bill, but also lower your water heating bill due to reduced use. Most of the time you can even adjust the settings. If you are washing your hair simply adjust the setting to stop the water altogether and resume once you’ve finished.

Have a Movie Night at Home
Having a movie night at home is a great way to save some extra cash. Going out to the movie theater can add up, especially when popcorn, candy and sodas are involved. Not only are you paying for the movie tickets, but also the gas required to get there. It is so much cheaper to just turn on a movie at home, make some popcorn, and sit back and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Keep the Cold Out and The Warmth In
Curtains help as an insulator for those cold winter nights. Make sure to keep them closed at night to keep all the cold air out. Using what is around you is a great way to save some extra cash. Heat can easily escape through the cracks in your windows and under your doors. For an extra layer try putting a towel or blanket to cover the cracks, it helps keep the cold air out and keeps your home as warm as possible saving you money in the long run.


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