3 Benefits to an Off-Season Move

Fall is here and although the kids are in school and the weather is cooler, it may just be the perfect time to move. Typically peak moving season occurs in the spring and summer months. These seasons often see less issues due to weather, plus kids are out of school making moving a little less stressful. However, if you are able to move in the off-season, like the fall or winter, you may see big benefits.
Faster Delivery

Moving when others are not can help you reap some major rewards. For one, since less people choose to move in off-season months, there is typically less of a wait time for your delivery. This means you can be in your new home and settle in even faster than if you were moving during the peak season.


Need to make a move quick? Or need more flexibility? Then moving in the off-season could be for you. Due to a decreased amount of moves, there are typically more trucks and crews available to assist you in packing up and moving into your new home. You could have to plan months in advance for a peak season move whereas with an off-season move you have much more flexibility.

More Affordable Pricing

Last, but certainly not least, when you choose to make a move during the off-season, you will most likely experience lower prices than you would see in the spring or summer. That’s because less people are moving so there is less demand. You may often see discounted rates or other moving promotions during these off-season months.

While it may not be ideal for every family or every move, moving in the off-season can mean big savings, increased flexibility and an overall faster moving process. To book your move this fall or winter and get connected with an Allied Van Lines agent in your area, visit our website.


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